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Travel to Israel with iPhone: 5 useful iPhone travel apps for your trip to Israel

Surprisingly, it’s hard to find iPhone apps for travelers to Israel. Surprisingly – because Israelis are usually very keen to show their country to visitors, to show various aspects of Israeli life: religious and historical sites, architecture, restaurants, clubs, nature…

Well, here are some iPhone apps that may turn useful for your travel to Israel:

1. Jerusalem Map and Walking Tours

No one, I guess, can visit Israel and not come to the City of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is sacred for any Christian, Jewish or Muslim: Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock (Al-Aqsa Mosque)… Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian quarters of the city, entwinement of ancient and modern history, shopping mall next to the ancient wall of the City of David…

Ah, ok… it was about iPhone App, not Jerusalem, I was going to talk about. So…

iPhone Travel app Israel

With this Jerusalem Map and Walking Tours iPhone Travel App, you can walk around the city, get interesting useful information about historical places, various attractions and more. You can explore this intriguing city at your own pace. This app will also help you to locate city’s famous monuments, landmarks, museums, and specialty stores.

It’s your personal tour guide that includes comprehensive info on religious buildings, famous architecture sites, gift shops, museums, synagogues, art galleries, tours to the Old and New Jerusalem, Jerusalem nightlife, Latrun and more.

And, of course, as its name suggests, the app includes a detailed map of the city with location based services: precise turn-by-turn walking directions from one sight to the next, “FindMe” feature and more.

This app is Free (Lite version) and is availabe at the Apple Store.

2. Lingopal Hebrew – talking phrasebook

This app provides you with professionally translated phrases. It also includes audio to ensure correct pronunciation. It’s very useful for backpacking, business travel, and just getting around.

travel iphone app hebrew phrase book

This app is Free (lite version) and is available at the Apple Store.

3. Dor Alon

It’s not fun to find yourself out of gas… especially in a foreign country. This app will help you locate the nearest Dor Alon gas station and easily navigate yourself to it. You can also plan your travel locating the Dor Alon’s gas stations in advance.

The app is free and is available at the Apple Store.

4. Israel Train Schedule

It’s very convenient to travel in Israel by train. This app is designed to help you get around by train: you can search the schedule by a day of the week of by date. Simply select the origin and destination and get the list of all the trains available at the selected day. You can also tap on a specific hour and get full route info (including duration of the trip, train changing info, waiting times and stations).

iphone travel app israel train schedule

This app costs $0.99 and is available at the Apple Store.

5. Shabbat Shalom – Candle Lighting Times

The Shabbat application will allow you to quickly check the candle lighting times, havdalah times and parsha for the week in any location in the world. This comes in handy when you quickly want to know when Shabbos is or if you want to know if it is too late to call your in-laws in Israel. Just flip through the different cities and countries, to see what the local time is and what time they start or finish Shabbos.

iphone travel apps israel shabbat shalom

This app is free and is available at the Apple Store.

To fully enjoy your iPhone travel experience, having a free internet access (free data roaming) is essential. It’s just impossible to relax and us all the options this technology can provide, thinking that when you come back home you may find a bill of over $3000 for data roaming.

You can rent a sim card in Israel and get a certain amount of local rate phone calls and a data package for an outrageous price.

Or you can rent Unlimited Internet SIM Card for your locked AT&T iPhone or any other unlocked smartphone from . You can also rent an iPhone with the Unlimited Internet SIM Card. This allows you to:

  • Access Internet anywhere with unlimited 3G data roaming plan
  • Make free international calls using VoIP apps over 3G data network
  • Visit different countries without replacing the SIM card (One chip for all destinations)
  • Receive and send emails abroad for free
  • No contract, no charges for receiving or sending data, no minimum call spend
  • Works with any AT&T Locked device (including iPhone and BlackBerry). No hacking, jailbreaking or unlocking required! Also compatible with any unlocked GSM handset

Enjoy your trip to Israel :)

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