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iPhone Tips and Tricks – How to change your network carrier when traveling

Traveling abroad and want to switch to a larger carrier with a better coverage? Or maybe one with a faster data network?

Here is a quick how-to guide for making that happen:

How to manually change the network carrier on your iPhone?

Go to settings -> carrier -> (wait for the phone to find the networks – appx. 2 minutes) select the network you want to use.


Once you select a network, your iPhone will only use that network.

For iPhoneTrip users the carrier selection option also exists. Since we have agreements with most major networks (but not all) , it is best you leave your settings on Automatic, as “forcing” a new carrier selection on our SIM cards might switch you to a network which iPhoneTrip has no agreement with – as a result you might get the “No Service” message.

Remember, when you’re using iPhoneTrip SIM cards  – set your Network Settings to Automatic.

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